Certification of the "shelf-life" of its applied products over time

The monitoring and inspection of its products has become a customary procedure for Volteco:  certifying their performance capabilities over time.

“Building shelf-life control” is the new solution created by Volteco for monitoring the application of its products and systems over time. This new service is unprecedented in the way the company interfaces with design engineers and especially in the way the company presents itself: subjecting its constructions to constant monitoring through actual work sites, both past and present.

A sort of survey of the most important constructions, in order to test their duration over time (shelf-life), guarantees an objective evaluation of the building's quality. Coding in an almost institutional grid, the control parameters of each construction creating, in this way, a kind of multimedia book documenting all of the information needed to investigate any aspect of the building.

The contents, as a matter of fact, should concern the different levels of analysis:  on one side, the history of building, the technical and architectural history, the pre-intervention analysis, the state of affairs, and the environmental and geophysical conditions, etc. On the other side, a catalogue of the problems related to the building concerning waterproofing and the presence of water, with descriptions of the solutions and the projects adopted by the technical Volteco. Lastly, with the help of the design engineers involved in the construction, an inspection is carried out and a final building report is drawn up after the restoration intervention has been completed. This, from a documentary-descriptive point of view, to which also must be added the photographic and video part, completes what could become a kind of "visual documentary" of the "building booklet", including the particulars of the most important construction details.

To this "archive-keeping" part of the service, already of undisputed design interest itself, another absolutely innovative part is added: the implementation of a "report", produced every three years, for the quality control and maintenance of the buildings subject to inspection. More simply put, a multimedia "technical datasheet" will be created that has an attractive interface and allows for quick consultation. This will be updated every three years, following an on-site inspection carried out by the technicians responsible for inspecting the most important parameters of the construction. The objective should also be to check the conditions of various parts and components of the building in order to prevent their degradation through appropriate interventions and periodic scheduled maintenance.

Establishing the duration of buildings, in addition to documenting every change made and studying the reasons behind such changes meets different needs: first, it provides the possibility to demonstrate, without any doubt, the quality and durability of Volteco products and systems:  the buildings are out in the open and can be inspected by anyone.  Secondly, it demonstrates role of the design engineers and technicians who participated in the construction and the duration of choices made over time, allowing for professional development and the study new building materials.

Lastly, the check-up proposed by Volteco is a guarantee especially for those using the building and of the "servicing" necessary for its safety and protection.  The new service is fully managed via internet.

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Veneto Region Public Building

Check-up in Venice

Swing Bridge on Cavetta Canal

Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Public Car park

Hanging Aqueduct Tank

"Agostino Gemelli" University General Hospital

Residential Condominium Building

"Don Milani" Public Middle School

Maritime Station of Trieste

Construction of a new
"Cittadella della Regione"